Bespoke Supplier Assessments & Product Investigations

RIQC Limited can provide you with Bespoke Supplier Assessments and Product Investigations offering an independent and flexible assessment process that is tailored to your specific requirement for compliance against recognised industry standards. 

We provide competent and cost-effective audit resource using professionals in the relevant product or service area. If you have existing methodology and procedures, we can provide an independent audit resource.

Bespoke Supplier Assessments


Assessments can focus upon:

  • ability to meet contract requirements

  • production and process capability

  • internal controls

  • competence

  • control of and compliance with industry standards and technical specifications


The second step in this process is the production of an Audit Report following the audit.


Product Investigations


Product Investigations provide organisations with a validation of processes and resources to ensure that you can:

  • carry out supplier and product assessments by a quantitative approach, assessing technical and commercial issues.

  • carry out cost effective evaluation of suppliers of safety critical products and services.

  • demonstrate where necessary, compliance with specifications and technical standards.

  • use cost effective measurements to identify the root cause of the problems so that effective corrective and preventative action targets can be set.


The second step in this process is the production of an Audit Report following the audit.

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