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UKAS Accredited Management System Audits

Management System Audits

RIQC Limited offer accredited quality, environmental, safety and energy management systems certification. Accredited certification of integrated management systems is also available. Accredited certification of your management system confirms to you, your customers and the community that you have sound quality, environmental, safety and energy policies. It demonstrates your commitment to:

  • continual improvement

  • meeting organisational aims and objectives

  • the management and mitigation of environmental and safety risks

  • energy efficiency


RIQC's certification services incorporates all the following benefits of UKAS accredited certification:


  • third party independence giving 'marketing edge'

  • verification of risk and impact assessments

  • verification of compliance to legislation and good practice

  • verification of compliance to industry requirements

  • IRCA recognised and UKAS verified lead auditors with extensive experience

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