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Bespoke Supplier Assessment & Product Investigations

These audits are conducted for compliance against recognised industry standards and can support the management of your organisation’s procurement activities. 

Book your audit before 31st December 2017 to receive a 10% discount on Bespoke Supplier Assessment & Product Investigations


10% OFF

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Audits

Stage 1 will be an appraisal of your management system documentation. This is to ensure compliance with the relevant standards, related statutory and regulatory aspects and to evaluate your location and site specific conditions.

Stage 2 will cover an in depth appraisal of your management system documentation and operational processes for compliance with the relevant Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy standards. In addition, any product standards and statutory requirements for the declared scope of supply will be sampled for compliance. 

Your audit must be booked by 31st December 2017, the Stage 1 must be conducted by 30th June 2018

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