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Our Team Building Afternoon 2018...

Did you know that team outings are a great way to encourage bonding between staff members, reduce employee stress and allow individuals to get to know each other better? This year we decided to go out for a staff meal! Following on from last year, it was time to have another annual team building afternoon. Although this team building day was not as exerting as 2017’s, we had a great afternoon eating and catching up properly with each other after a busy year. Our team building afternoon consisted of most of the company attending an afternoon meal at our very nice local pub, The Greyhound. It was a great opportunity for us to socialise outside of work and build relationships with our colleagues.

This outing gave us time to discuss our upcoming Christmas party and what we are all up to. Unfortunately, 3 of our staff members were unable to attend as one was enjoying a very relaxing holiday and 2 were on location working on a new film. This was also a final food splurge for us all before our health kick begins and we all start our healthy eating campaign, leading up to the Christmas season when we can all let go and over indulge. Therefore, it was great to have one last nice meal before the hard work begins! Keep following us to find out how we do and if we can keep on track!

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