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Non-Destructive Testing Audits

At RIQC, our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) auditing services offer a meticulous and comprehensive examination of testing procedures and practices, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Key components of our NDT auditing approach include:

1. Thorough Evaluation of Testing Procedures: Employing a rigorous auditing process, we assess the effectiveness and reliability of NDT testing procedures, ensuring they meet the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

2. Compliance Verification: Conducting thorough audits to verify compliance with relevant industry standards, regulations, and customer specifications, our NDT auditing services provide assurance of quality and integrity in testing practices.

3. Risk Assessment & Mitigation: Identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities in NDT processes, we work closely with clients to develop customised mitigation strategies, minimising the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies.

4. Continuous Improvement Initiatives: Facilitating a culture of continuous improvement, our NDT auditing services help identify areas for enhancement and optimisation in testing methodologies, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.


The culmination of our NDT auditing services is a comprehensive Audit Report, meticulously detailing findings, recommendations, and corrective actions to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability in NDT practices.

Choose RIQC for NDT auditing services that go beyond surface-level assessment, providing in-depth analysis and actionable insights to enhance the integrity and reliability of your testing processes.

Ultrasonic test to detect imperfection or defect of steel plate in factory, NDT Inspection
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