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Pouring Wet Cement

Concrete, Cement, Lime, Plaster etc. 

Limited Scope


Welding steel.jpg

Basic Metals & Fabricated Metal Products

Full Scope

Full Scope

industry worker

Machinery & Equipment

Limited Scope

Excluding the manufacture of weapons and ammunition and manufacture of military fighting vehicles.

Assembling and adjust the electronics instrument for precision physical measurements.jpg

Electrical & Optical Equipment

Limited Scope

Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers.
Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus.
Manufacture of wiring and wiring devices.
Manufacture of electric lighting equipment.


Other Transport Equipment

Limited Scope

Manufacture of railway, tramway locomotives and rolling stock and buses & Electric signalling and control equipment.

Railroad Workers_edited.jpg


Limited Scope

Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications Installation of cable route works and drainage, Erection of railway permanent way structures, Site preparation and rock fall prevention activity & Electrical equipment installation.

High Speed Train

Transport, Storage & Communication

Limited Scope

Transport via railways, tramways and buses.

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Services

Limited Scope

Research and experimental development activities on engineering. Technical design & project management services to the transport sector. Mechanical, electrical and railway permanent way engineering.

Non-destructive examination of rail vehicle components utilising ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle and dye penetrant methods.

Construction Workers

Labour & Recruitment Agency

Limited Scope

Employment Activities.

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