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Road to Certification


UKAS Accredited GAP Analysis


RIQC can provide an optional Gap Analysis tailored to your requirements in order to determine the readiness of your management system for certification. This can save time and costs in the long term.

UKAS Accredited Stage 1 Audit


An appraisal of the management system documentation will take place. This is to ensure compliance with the relevant standards, related statutory and regulatory aspects and to evaluate your location and site specific conditions. Stage 1 will also include discussions with your personnel to determine the preparedness for the Stage 2 audit.

UKAS Accredited Stage 2 Audit


This is an in depth appraisal of your management system documentation and operational processes for compliance with the relevant Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy standards. In addition, any product standards and statutory requirements for the declared scope of supply will be sampled for compliance. On completion of a satisfactory Stage 2 audit, you will be awarded an accredited Certificate of Quality, Environmental, Safety or Energy approval. Accredited certification of Integrated Management Systems is also available. This Certificate is valid for three years, subject to satisfactory maintenance of your management system.

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Your company has passed Stage 1 and Stage 2 assessment and is issued with an accredited certificate from RIQC to prove it. We look forward to a value added partnership.


Annual (or 6-monthly) audits are conducted to ensure that compliance with each section of the ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and 45001 standard is being maintained throughout the three-year cycle.

UKAS Accredited Surveillance Audits
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